Daugavas Vanagi Talking Book Library supplies audio tapes of Latvian books. The library was established by E.Šmugājs to help those who coukd not attend Latvian performances and the vision impaired. It has continued this service for over 24 years for the benefit of Daugavas Vanagi members and for the wider Australian community.

The library collection includes works of writers such as Anšlavs Eglītis, A.Brigadere, A.Grīns, J.Jaunsudrabiņš, Janovskis, M.Alauksta, M.Ieviņa, J.Sārts and others. It also carries popular works from current Latvian writers as well as Latvian radio broadcasts from the early years of immigration to Australia. Most of the work has been recorded in Australia with but since the regaining of Latvian independance we now receive audio tapes recorded in Latvia.

For a library catalogue or for further information please contact:

Gunta Vagars
Blind Library
Latvian Relief Society
P.O. Box 73
VIC 3051

Phone (03) 9650 4704 (work) - (03) 9478 6461 (home)

You can choose to receive a library catalogue or a catalogue and a sample talking book. You do not have to be vision impaired to use the Daugavas Vanagi talking book library.



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