Ladies auxilary "Vanadzes"

Australian Daugavas Vanadzes 2019 Activity Report

In Australia, vanadzes groups operate in Adelaide, Melbourne; Canberra and Perth, due to the small number of vanadzes, they work in branches together with vanagi; Australian vanadzes in total (Ad-57, Canb-6, Melb-52, P-19, S-0 = 134)

O. Kalpaka and Legionnaires' memorial events traditionally take place in all places in March; On the day of remembrance of the deportees in Adelaide, we lay a wreath at the Latvian Stone Cemetery; we always sway or it rains or the sun shines; Lāčplēsis Day is celebrated in November, usually together with the November 18 party. $10 is donated to the M. Ķeņģe Foundation from each vanad as of 2018. instead of the current $5.

Adelaide branch vanadzes prepare lunch every Saturday at the DV house, they also set tables for private parties; April is a garden festival; twice a year organizes pancake afternoons; for the third year in a row, a Latvian food fair took place, where you have to apply for the announced dishes in advance - they have a good public response; vanadzes cover coffee tables at all hawk events. Also last year, baking gingerbread together with Latvian school children, parents and teachers was very successful; there was a great demand for gingerbread dough; Vanadži song ensemble gladly participates in all events with its songs. Vanadzes also organizes help packages for sending to low-income families and churches in Latvia; for schools and NAF libraries - books.

Vanadzes supports a donation campaign, donates through a VF scholarship to one home economics student, donates to large families, the Occupation Museum, Lestene Cemetery and the church. Together with hawks, Latvians in nursing homes and homes who are unable to attend the parties are greeted at Easter and Christmas. The donation supports the Latvian school and AZVV (Anna Ziedare Summer Secondary School). They have always supported sending gingerbread to NAF soldiers on foreign missions.

Canberra vanadzes, the smallest group, work together with the department's vanagi - visit Latvian seniors in nursing homes; the events have both table-spreaders and event organizers; donations - to the National Guard for the VF scholarship; several donations to the Latvian State Defense and Patriotism Foundation Namejs.

Melbourne's Vanadzes hosts lunch once a month and also involve young people. Prepares congratulatory parcels for Latvians living in nursing homes and also at home who are unable to do so at Christmas and Easter. Every year, aid parcels are prepared for sending to the poor in Latvia. Donate to: local care, special Olympiad in Latvia, Occupation Museum, M. Ķeņģe scholarship, VF scholarships, large families, Lestene Church, AZVV, radio station 3ZZZ and supports the young people of Melbourne to maintain Latvianness.

Perth vanadzes (also a small group) donate together with vanagi - for the VF National Guard scholarship, and for foster families in Latvia to buy sweets at Christmas; organize events at the Latvian Center, together with vanagi.

Sydney vanadzes did not report any activity.

Ilga Vēvere
Head of the Australian Vanadzes

February 25, 2020



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